Sunday, March 25, 2018

God's Plan - Mateo's version...

Mateo (also known at school as "da beast") wanted to enter a video for the school talent show.  While his entry didn't get accepted, he had an awesome time making it with his cousins, Thomas and Joseph.  This video is a satire off of the original artists (Drake) video.  To get the most out of their video, you probably should see the original- but the gist is that people may wish bad things on us- but you can be strong and get through it.  God has a bigger plan for each and every one of us.  Give of yourself to others and be grateful for what you have.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Busy life...

In fear of losing this blog forever, we were forced to add a post to keep the account active.  I miss documenting the live of these children.  How quick we forget the phases...
Three long (but mostly short) years have gone by.  The days feel very long, but the months and years go by quicker with each passing turn.
fall 2017

summer 2017

The trio were eleven in December.  Eleven!  All three do very well in school and have developed their each, unique personality.  While the girls may both have an intense love of soccer, Gabby is quick to help and is the more social of the two.  Mary likes to read the situation (and people) before she commits.  They enjoy music (while Mary is more pop, Gabby doesn't mind a rap song), fashion, nail polish and arts and crafts.  Both earned their 2nd degree black belt this past fall.  They wear the same size shoe as me (which can be a benefit) and are nearing me in height.  Brave, strong, and courageous young ladies they are turning out to be.
summer soccer camp 2017

Mateo still has a very close bond with his sisters.  (As pictured below)   He loves basketball, is trying his hand at golf and also just completed his testing for 2nd degree black belt.  He continues to be the sweet, loving boy that we have always known him to be.  His music preference is also rap - but he has been known to jam to a few oldies but goodies.
Toe offering support at a tough soccer loss in Sept 2017

Our 8 year old Abigail Haleya is smarter than her time.  Having the older siblings has pushed her to grow up quicker - and to also have interests that keep her in connection with them.  Being extremely athletic, Abby plays soccer (both goalie and the field), is in gymnastics, has done basketball and also is on her way to getting her 2nd degree black belt.  She is doing wonderfully in school and is constantly encouraging her team mates and friends.  Abby also KNOWS what she wants.  She is stubborn and strong and adds a little bit of sass- so that you can't help but shake your head - while smiling.  She loves all music and is always singing and dancing.
enjoying pool side Nov 2017

Sunday, January 11, 2015

a busy december 2014...

happy birthday dear Mateo - 8!!!
happy birthday dear gabby - 8!!!

poor mary was sick on her actual birthday so we celebrated 8 a few days later!

st. raphael christmas concert... looking fabulous!
abby's christmas concert at fit by 5
she loved the "grinch" theme...
merry christmas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 Even though this was my first attempt to take "professional" pictures of the kiddo's... it isn't terribly tough when your subjects are just so dang photogenic!!!



Sunday, November 2, 2014

our dear PA

Three weeks ago today, we unexpectedly lost our Pa.  After Grammy died in 2008, Pa was the only Schwartz grandparent that the trio knew.  (They were only turning two when Grammy died...)  Over the past six years, the kiddo's have spent countless hours enjoying their Grandfather and spending time with him.  Death is a hard lesson in life, let alone learning it at almost eight years of age.  Please keep us all in your prayers...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

here we come 2nd grade! (and pre K!)

This will be a big year for the trio as they make their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Not to mention learning the 50 states and getting those timed math facts completed in 4 minutes.  Gosh they are getting so big!
Abby's first day at PreK at Fit By Five

and there went the summer of 2014

 ... and as always, the summer flew by!  As we started the summer I thought how nice it would be that we had fewer camps and vacations scheduled than the year before- but that didn't matter... it went by just as fast.  Camps, park visits, a family vacation, movie days and just being kids meant our days were filled with fun and laughter!

West Palm Beach in July

After competing locally and regionally, Mary earned the spot of representing the state of OH in the national soccer shoot out come spring 2015.. a perfect score of 45!

4th of July! 

Gabby getting her ears pierced

Mary getting her ears pierced

Abby getting her ears pierced

a summer wouldn't be a summer without some Cleveland Indians Baseball! 

Camel ride at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Botanical Garden