Sunday, January 11, 2015

a busy december 2014...

happy birthday dear Mateo - 8!!!
happy birthday dear gabby - 8!!!

poor mary was sick on her actual birthday so we celebrated 8 a few days later!

st. raphael christmas concert... looking fabulous!
abby's christmas concert at fit by 5
she loved the "grinch" theme...
merry christmas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 Even though this was my first attempt to take "professional" pictures of the kiddo's... it isn't terribly tough when your subjects are just so dang photogenic!!!



Sunday, November 2, 2014

our dear PA

Three weeks ago today, we unexpectedly lost our Pa.  After Grammy died in 2008, Pa was the only Schwartz grandparent that the trio knew.  (They were only turning two when Grammy died...)  Over the past six years, the kiddo's have spent countless hours enjoying their Grandfather and spending time with him.  Death is a hard lesson in life, let alone learning it at almost eight years of age.  Please keep us all in your prayers...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

here we come 2nd grade! (and pre K!)

This will be a big year for the trio as they make their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Not to mention learning the 50 states and getting those timed math facts completed in 4 minutes.  Gosh they are getting so big!
Abby's first day at PreK at Fit By Five

and there went the summer of 2014

 ... and as always, the summer flew by!  As we started the summer I thought how nice it would be that we had fewer camps and vacations scheduled than the year before- but that didn't matter... it went by just as fast.  Camps, park visits, a family vacation, movie days and just being kids meant our days were filled with fun and laughter!

West Palm Beach in July

After competing locally and regionally, Mary earned the spot of representing the state of OH in the national soccer shoot out come spring 2015.. a perfect score of 45!

4th of July! 

Gabby getting her ears pierced

Mary getting her ears pierced

Abby getting her ears pierced

a summer wouldn't be a summer without some Cleveland Indians Baseball! 

Camel ride at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring 2014

UPDATES on the kiddo's..

ABBY - Abby recently started tae kwon do, like her sisters and brother... and is doing so well!  (It doidn't hurt that she has been watching it for several years now.)  She is enjoying preschool and making new friends.  At the time, her favorite movie is "high school musical" (appropriate for a 4 year old, right??)  She likes to play at the park and is always performing songs for us at home.

MATEO - Mateo has lost half of his teeth... all you see on him when he smiles are his gums!  His favorite thing in the whole world is lego's... and it is so rewarding to see him not only follow the instruction packets that come with the sets, but to now start building on his own.  He has a heart of gold and shows empathy toward anyone that is hurt - especially his sisters.  His best friend is "Sam" and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't talk about her.  (For my information, he is going to marry her and they are going to live in our house.)  He loves music and sings all the time.

GABBY - Gabby is our athlete and most recently is into soccer.  She played this winter with the 2nd graders on a travel team and loved it.  She too, is kind, sensitive, and caring toward others.  She does wonderful in school and has so much energy that she just doesn't stop!  Being with her dad is probably her favorite thing in the world!

MARY - Mary, although shy, warms up to you after she gets to know you.  She isn't the first one out on the dance floor...but rather observes the situation and then after thought- makes her move.  She also likes to do sports - soccer right now being a favorite.  Mary is into clothes and jewelry and is the best dressed in the family, with Abby close behind.  Just like the other girls, Mary loves music and together they love to perform for anyone who is interested. 

in a blink of an eye

It is so cliche` - "in a blink of an eye" - yet, so true.  The other night, as I was assisting in the bedtime routine (ahem, I don't get them ready for bed anymore... they can do that themselves!) it occurred to me that the trio are 7.  SEVEN.  I don't know if it was the content of the conversation, or me noticing that they were reading the wheel of fortune answer... but the idea SLAMMED me in the face.  What happened to 5 or 6?  Or even Abby's age of 4? 
trio at age 4
Why is time flying by so fast and why am I  missing it?  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day events and by the time evening draws to a close, I am exhausted - even though that is really the only time in the day that I can experience my beautiful babies.  Bittersweet, it is.  I wish our brains could compartmentalize and at any given moment I could recall a memory from any time in their lives.  Whether it be the mornings that Mateo wants to give me a hug and kiss as he wakes up... or Mary giving me a loving look and reaching for my hand... to Gabby's giggle as she is flipped upside down... or Abby's longing for that dang "ba" (ie pacifier).  Hang on to those memories!